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V.Gfiction Unrivaled Medicine God read – Chapter 2514 – The Pride of Ants! squeak mom recommend-p2
Unrivaled Medicine God
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NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2514 – The Pride of Ants! embarrass farm
conservative affairs riley scott
This breakthrough discovery produced him ecstatic with delight!
Ye Yuan roared consistently.
The potency of the Double Polarity Sword Creation was continuously superimposing!
It was humiliation!
“Your c.o.c.ky physical appearance is certainly despicable! Alright, so what if ant? Do ants must be toyed with in the palm from your hands and fingers? Ants really need to be species of fish on your own chopping table, existence and loss at the whims? Ants need to be at your mercy, getting cruelly oppressed permanently? Currently, this Ye will show you that ants … have self-respect also!”
Although the other celebration clearly did not do anything!
“H-Huhu, hahaha
The turmoil divine essence within his system gushed out, urging the sword structure frenziedly without heed for his existence.
Right after that, his finger turned into a palm, as well as the void shook!
It was actually only that regardless of how he governed, his sword signals were can not land about the blue-robed youth’s entire body.
fever pitch
“H-Huhu, hahaha
Though not just one sword gentle landed on the azure-robed youth’s body system!
This development manufactured him ecstatic with enjoyment!
In comparison with when dealing with the 5 ancestors alone formerly, this transfer was over a point much stronger!
It was still just one finger!
Ye Yuan could not even fathom one other party’s means. So how to cope with him?
the galley slave’s ring of fire
It turned out as though Ye Yuan knowing his identify was really a supreme glory.
The Heavenspan World’s primary individual was actually so weak ahead of the glowing blue-robed youth!
This finger was far too robust!
Ye Yuan shouted fiercely, then urged the Twin Polarity Sword Formation frenziedly.
A great number of sword lighting flashed, rotating into streaks of spectrum, moving upright for that violet-robed youngsters.
The violet-robed youth’s brows heightened up, disclosing a tip of big surprise.
I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot
He employed his biggest attack and perhaps forcibly received a finger at his personal costs. In the end, it could actually only power him to use considered one of his palms.
The light blue-robed move nodded having a little look, making frivolous comments about Ye Yuan’s World Sword Formation.
But he failed to obtain a solo take a step back!
He used his best invasion and in many cases forcibly gained a finger at his personal price. Finally, it might only drive him to work with amongst his arms.
Chi! Chi! Chi!
The chaos divine fact within his human body gushed out, urging the sword growth frenziedly without heed for his living.
Meaning was simply inconceivable!
The time Double Polarity Sword Structure introduced, that swift and strong well-defined side penetrated the firmament!

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